Z.I. de Mont de Magny Rue de la haute Borne
27140 Gisors
33 232 55 93 02 - info@stokvistapes.fr



Stokvis Tapes France (hereafter referred as "Stokvis Tapes") complies with the GDPR law.

We respect the privacy of our business relationships (customers, suppliers, etc.). Stokvis Tapes ensures that all personal information provide is treated confidentially and carefully.

1. Use of personal information
We use the personal customer and supplier / relationship information at first instance to dispat- ch/receive our products, purchase or sales related correspondence and to inform you of new products and relevant actions. We include your information in our customer and supplier database.

You can request, change, or have your data deleted at any time. For this you can contact us by e-mail (dpo@Celix-eu.com) or in writing (Stokvis Tapes France., Z.I du Mont de Magny, Rue de la haute borne, 27140 Gisors- France).

Personal customer information (name, phone number and e-mail address) is also used for marke- ting activities such as calling for appointments or mailings.

2. Retention period
Stokvis Tapes processes and stores your personal information for as long as you are a relationship of ours up to five years after the relationship is broken.

Following these the personal data from the customer or vendor file will be deleted. Sales and purchase related documents that contain your personal data are kept for a maximum of 10 years. Following these the files/documents are destroyed.

3. Processors
For the processing of personal data, Stokvis Tapes uses third party services, so-called processors. With the processors we have a processors agreement.

We do not make your personal information available to third parties, unless you have expressly given permission to do so.